What is the Wyoming Report Card?

The Wyoming Report Card is an annual report by the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) showcasing information about education in individual schools, districts, and the state itself. A high-level view of the state’s performance is available at this website. More in-depth reports, providing a considerable amount of detail, are available under the School and District headings on the front page.

How do I find my school or district?

From WyomingMeasuresUp.com, click on the “My School” tile, select your school district from the dropdown menu, then select your school from the dropdown menu, and hit “search.” Once your school is brought up, you can click on the tabs along the top of the page to view different information.

What information is available about my school or district?

The Wyoming Report Card provides comprehensive data about every school and district in the state.

Where does the data come from?

The Wyoming Department of Education collects the data from school districts through collections that take place throughout the school year. After school districts submit the data, it is assembled by the WDE, and then sent back to the districts to verify. A full list of the data collections can be found here.

What information will I find about each school?

The Wyoming Report Card provides comprehensive information about every public school and district in the state. The Snapshot page provides “Fast Facts” about your school/district, and a deeper dive into the facts and figures is available under the Academic Progress, School Environment, Students, Educators, and Highlights tabs. For a summary of information about a school or district, you can view or print the At-a-Glance report by clicking the button in the upper right area of the school/district Snapshot page.

Why can’t I find my child’s test scores?

By law, we are forbidden from putting students’ Personally Identifiable Information on the web. Therefore, all scores used to create the statistics on this site have been cleansed of any such data and completely anonymized. If you need your student’s scores, please contact your student’s teacher.

If I can’t find the information I’m looking for or am experiencing a problem with the website, how do I get support?

Please contact the WDE.